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Specializing in Engineering & Manufacturing Automation since 1996

Steel Pole Software Solutions

With experience from 1993 and formed as a separate company in 1996, K2 Engineering, Inc. has specialized in the development of a suite of software-based tools and methods targeted to manufacturers of steel poles and allied equiment, helping them to design and manufacture their products: quicker, lighter in weight, more consistantly, with better documentation, to a variety of applicable codes and standards. Our focus is on helping you automate and streamline your engineering and manufacturing operations as much as possible, freeing your engineers to focus on higher level tasks instead of repetive drudgery, ultimately pushing more and higher-valued product out the door. This all flows to the bottom line where it really counts.

Not sure where to begin? Suspect that you could be doing things better, faster, and more efficiently, but not sure just what is possible? Well, begin by calling or emailing us. The initial consultation is at no cost or obligation to you. Chances are, we'll be able to suggest some course (or courses) of action that you might want to consider, some possibly involving us and some possibly involving third parties. If so, you'll know right away. If we're not the right solution for you, you'll know that right away as well. However, we may be able to refer you to other organizations within our circle of professional contacts which would be a better fit for your needs. (We are quite accustomed to working with third party engineering and manufacturing companies and/or with your in-house personnel). Either way, just the cost of a phone call and a bit of your time.

Here are some of the pole-specific software tools which K2 Engineering offers:

(Note: Please call if you have other needs not shown here. K2 Engineering provides both off-the-shelf and customized solutions.)

PLS-Pole to Inventor - a tool to convert PLS-Pole XML-based analysis data into an AutoDesk Inventor 3D model.

  • Compatible with PLS-Pole Version 8.1 and later.
  • Natively reads PLS-Pole 'postproc' XML files. Does NOT require PLS-Pole to be installed.
  • The user's machine must have AutoDesk Inventor (version 2011 or later) installed, however.
  • Tubes having 1, 2, 3, or 4 seams are supported. Locations of seams relative to Longitudinal direction are configurable.
  • Locations of flats and points relative to seams are configurable.
  • Each tube piece is "mated" to adjoining pieces to create a tube assembly.
  • Output consists of a Part (.IPT) document for each piece and an Assembly (.IAM) Document for each tube aasembly.
  • Input and output file names and locations are configurable.
  • Up to 10 round holes per tube are supported and configurable.
  • PLS-Pole files in metric units are supported. (Output Inventor models will be in British units, however.)
  • Up to 12 poles are supported in each structure, with a maximum of 8 tubes per pole.
  • In a multi-pole structure, the desired pole may be selected from a pop-up menu.

  • Note: K2 Engineering can modify/customize/extend the program and it's output to meet your exacting needs.

  • Click here to view sample screen shots of the program in action. (PDF format)
  • Click here to view sample screen shots of Inventor displaying the results. (PDF format)