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Conversion of Legacy FORTRAN Applications

Are you frustrated or handcuffed by:

  • Hard to use, command-line-based applications running on obsolete, expensive to maintain computers?

  • Hard to understand, poorly structured and/or poorly documented FORTRAN source code?   Or maybe missing source code?

  • Inability to find capable IT personnel willing and able to maintain your proprietary FORTRAN software?

  • Inability to share data and results between your legacy software and your other software systems and databases?

  • Fear that a new version of your operating system will break all of your applications?

  • Fear that a failure of old un-supported hardware will leasve you in a lurch?

  • Orphaned software whose creator has long since left or retired, perhaps leaving you an un-maintainable mess of 'spaghetti' code?

  • What if you could transform this . . .

    Screen shot of a DOS-based polynomial curve fit program written in DOS FORTRAN.

    . . into this?

    Screen shot of a Windows-based polynomial curve fit program written in Visual FORTRAN.

    K2 Engineering can rescue old, hard-to-maintain, hard-to-use legacy FORTRAN code from near-oblivion and rework it into a day-in, day-out reliable application.  Period.  No fine print.  No disclaimers.   Our licensed, practicing engineers, with 40+ years experience, focus on delivering top quality, commercial-grade technical software tailored to meet your exact needs, on your platform, in your environment.

    Being practicing engineers, we are especially adept in dealing with complex numerical algorithms.   We can take virtually any form and flavor of existing FORTRAN source code and in short order re-work it into an easy-to-maintain, up-to-date program running natively on the new Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11 GUI (Forms) mode.  The new program can be written solely in a more modern implementation of FORTRAN, can be ported to C++, C# (C Sharp) or Visual Basic.Net, or can be a combination of the two, as you prefer and as your requirements dictate.   Typically, the architecture of the existing program (how it's I/O (Input and Output) are partitioned, if at all, from the "guts" of the program) will make one type of solution the more obvious choice.

    Our business model is quite straight-forward and features:

  • Extensive pre-project analysis to understand your business, your application, and how they interact.

  • Detailed quotes explaining methodologies, deliverables, schedules, and what is and is not included in the final product.

  • Competitive, all-inclusive proposals/quotes on either a cost-plus or fixed price basis.

  • Flexibility to tackle conversions incrementally a piece at a time, or all at once.

  • All of our development work is done in-house by degreed engineers right here in the USA (Central Time Zone).  Nothing is sub-contracted to foreign programmers or non-technical people.

  • We can train your personnel and/or continue to provide support on an ongoing basis.

  • We can preserve your FORTRAN software investment and enhance it's value and accessibility by:

  • Removing the need to depend upon specific pieces of older, out-of-date, perhaps un-supported hardware.

  • Removing the need to depend upon 3rd party add-ons, many of which are now out of business.

  • Converting to a more familiar GUI (forms-based) mode of user interaction.

  • Moving to more modern, and much faster, computing platforms.

  • Consolidating disparate development tools (editor, compiler, linker) into an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

  • Retaining much of your original source code with minimal modification.

  • Exploiting the wide range of functionality in Microsoft's .Net Platform.

  • Transitioning to development environments that are more familiar to your younger IT staff.

  • Making changes necessary to allow proper execution on modern Windows versions (7/8/8.1/10/11).

  • Resolving Y2K-like issues and similar legacy assumptions or constraints.

  • Encapsulating your code's functionality to make it accessible from 3rd party applications like Excel and AutoCAD.

  • We can start from virtually any existing FORTRAN code base, including those originally targeted for:

  • Digital Equipment corporation (DEC) VAX, MicroVAX, and PDP series computers.

  • Many flavors of Unix machines, including those from HP, Sun, and Apollo.  Also Linux variants.

  • Non-Unix HP mini-computers, including the HP-1000.

  • The PC platform, including Lahey FORTRAN, Microsoft DOS FORTRAN, Microsoft PowerStation, Compaq Visual FORTRAN, gFORTRAN, and Intel Visual FORTRAN.

  • IBM FORTRAN on a wide range of IBM hardware.

  • Ready to get started?

    Please contact us to let us know of your project requirements. Never a cost or further obligation - the initial consultation is free.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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