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"Putting the Engineer back in Engineer-ing"

Welcome to K2 Engineering, Inc.  We are solution providers to the engineering and manufacturing communities.  We are working, practicing, licensed engineers just like you, who at the end of the day, are trying to get get good quality products and services out the door to our customers.    Our focus is on developing tools and processes to enable your technical personnel to focus on what they do best - engineering and manufacturing your products, instead of . . . printing, faxing, data entry, report generation, material requisition, repetitive drafting, and a whole host of other distractions.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you and demonstrate our unique expertise and approach to allowing you to drive savings to the bottom line, where it counts.

Indispensible tools.

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5549 Hunters Hill Road    Irondale, AL 35210-3036    Voice: (205) 951-3825
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Note: the background image is of wind vortices passing around the summit of the mountain known as K2.

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world (after Mount Everest), and is thought by many climbers to be the ultimate climb.   Its giant pyramid peak towers in isolation, 12,000 feet above the wide Concordia glacial field at the head of the Baltoro Glacier.   The sheer icy summit is flanked by six equally steep ridges.  K2 was long considered unclimbable as each of its faces presents a maze of precipices and overhangs.   The peak elevation is 8611 meters (28,251 ft).

K2 is the only major mountain in the world which has the original surveyor's notation as its common name (K stands for Karakoram, 2 means it was the second peak listed).   T.G. Montgomery was the surveyor who assigned the peak this designation in 1856.   The mountain's remoteness had rendered it invisible from any inhabited place, so apart from an occasional local reference as Chogori (meaning Great Mountain), it had no other name prior to Montgomery's survey.

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